Artificial Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Do you ever feel your artificial Christmas tree looks, well – artificial? No one wants a tree that looks like it just came out of a box with no personality. After all, it is Christmas and Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, so the last thing you should stress about is decorating your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Depending on the type of person you are will greatly influence what your Christmas tree should look like. For instance, if you are a flashy ‘hey look at me’ type person, you wouldn’t be satisfied with a tree that is boring, would you?

Below are a few Christmas tree decorating ideas that may help you get past boring and into ‘wow’! Of course, we have a few ideas for the not-so-flashy person too. Many country folks love a country theme, but are tired of the same old thing. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered!

Tip #1 Out of the Box

For an out-of-the-box type of Christmas tree, you’ll need to break some of the ‘traditional’ rules that’s been set over the years. Since popular artificial tree shapes vary from year to year, you may want to choose the opposite of what’s hot. If you like what’s hot, then jazzing the tree up to your standards will be a breeze!

First, think fashion!

Fashion doesn’t have to be all about what you wear. It can be about what your tree wears too. After all, people will be looking at it for weeks and it should look as fabulous as you do. Once you’ve chose the type of lights you want, start adding decorations.

Cut out a pink (or your favorite color) velvet star. Add rhinestones and peacock feathers and you have yourself a show stopping tree topper. Also, add peacock feathers throughout the branches of the tree. Don’t stick them too far into the branches, though. Let them be seen by leaving them sticking out all over the tree! Make smaller pink stars and purple stars to add around the tree.

Purchase some plastic ornaments at a local dollar store along with some glue and Epsom salt. Dilute the glue with water and dip the ornament into the mixture. After you’ve dipped the ornament into the glue mixture, roll it around in the Epsom salt to make a gorgeous, yet unique, ornament for the tree. Try a bunch of different sizes and shapes to fit your personality!

Tip #2 Country Home

While the name of this tip may seem like you’ve ‘been there done that’ before, get ready for a new spin on an old classic!

First, find some old time photos maybe of grandparents or great-grand parents. Copy them so that all pictures will be in black and white. I’ve actually found that antique color looks wonderful too depending on the other colors on your Christmas tree. Using a decoupage sealant, seal the pictures onto a black piece (or other coordinating color) of poster board or something stiff to help the picture hold their shape.

Once you have the pictures sealed, use a hole punch to add a hole onto the top or side of each picture. Add a ribbon, piece of raffia, or just a metal ornament hook to each picture. Now, add them to your tree. Last, print out a large 8×10 or 9×13 family picture to add as your tree topper.

Final Christmas Tree Decorating Tip

Add anything you like to your artificial Christmas tree. Think outside the box. Maybe you could add baby shoes and socks, small tools, or even deer antlers. It’s all about you. Finally, add some Christmas gifts around the base of the tree and your all set. Be sure to take some pictures to show your friends or add online.