Comparing Port Royal Real Estate With Napa Valley Real Estate

A Port Royal real estate has always been linked with lavish homes that also offer its residents the exclusivity that people would expect from a costly investment since the 1950s. First-rate attention to design and detail has been given to these sea front mansions even with the beautiful surroundings of palm trees, miles of beaches, and warm days. The homes are kept in tiptop shape, in their facades and interiors and in retaining their market value, by great upkeep and renovations.

Fascinating homes in the wine country near the west coast are just as relaxing as Port Royal. Napa Valley is located miles away from the Pacific Ocean. It may not have the summery vibe Naples residents enjoy all year round, but it offers grape vines on rolling hills. So, in Napa, there are other ways to find romance, like sipping your Cabernet Sauvignon at a vineyard’s picturesque garden. But, when it comes to money, you may find that your money can pay for a home at a grander scale in Naples than in the valley. The reason for this is that Napa real estate put a premium on the properties’ with orchards, vineyards, or big gardens and backyards. These snug homes are mostly far away from the city proper, but they will offer you enough space for the relaxed lifestyle that you’re looking for.

Local Stores

You can go wherever from the Naples luxury homes in just 10 to 15 minutes. However, you’ll need around 30 minutes from your Napa residence to discover the local shops in the city. You’ll trip to the local shops will be worth it once you get to the exceptional and artistic items sold at The Playful Garden or the wine-related dcor and accessories found downtown at the Napa General store. Beautiful things are also being showcased at Antiques on Second or Villa Iris Imports. North from your Port Royal real estate, you’ll discover the potteries at Earth and Fire or the trove of goods at Treasure Island.

Recreation and Events

A lot of wine-themed festivals and events happen in California like the Napa Valley Wine Auction every June wherein the proceeds are given to charities. Residents in Naples will enjoy spending their day at white sand beaches, the same way they’ll enjoy performances at the Philharmonic Center of the Arts. Because there are a lot of local events happening in downtown Naples, you will definitely find one that’s pleasurable for you.

Nightlife Options

Naples also knows how to let its hair down at night and crowding around Port Royal are the English Pub, the Mc Cabe’s Irish Pub, Old Naples, and Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub. If you want to belt out some tunes on karaoke, Shady Palm Pub is your destination. From your Napa Valley real estate, you will again need to drive downtown for these happening places: Henry’s Cocktail Lounge, Green Door, and Norman Rose Tavern.