How to Choose a Kitchen Colour Scheme

If you’re planning to give your kitchen a completely new look one of the main aspects of design to consider is colour scheme. Essentially, the colour scheme could make or break the entire appearance of your new kitchen – get it right and you can indulge in culinary bliss for many happy years, get it wrong and you’ll revert to eating baked beans directly out of the tin.

Hastily choosing a kitchen colour scheme is a recipe for disaster, it requires careful consideration. If you’re struggling to conjure up a colour scheme and don’t know where to start, here are a few factors which can help to narrow down your options and hone in on that perfect colour scheme.

Size of the Room

The size of the room can significantly affect what colours, shades and tones could work in your kitchen. If your kitchen is relatively small then opting for a colour scheme which is too vibrant or dark could make it appear “pokey” and cramped. This however, doesn’t mean you have to avoid colour, pastel shades can add character without reducing the visual size of the room. A neutral colour scheme contrasted with hints of a bright accent colour can also make your kitchen appear fresh.

Spacious kitchens benefit from having more of a choice when it comes to colour. Choosing a very pale colour scheme though isn’t recommended, it can make your kitchen appear cold and unoccupied. For a colourful yet controlled colour scheme, add a splash of vibrancy by having a feature wall in a loud colour which contrasts the other three.

Adhering to your House Style

The rest of your home will also determine d├ęcor choices for your kitchen. If you have an ultra-modern flat a country cottage style kitchen would stand out like a sore thumb. Although you don’t want every room to be decorated the same, you do need some style continuation to help to tie all of the rooms in your house together.

To make your kitchen its own individual room without it appearing erratic in comparison to the rest of the house, use your garden for colour inspiration. Many houses have kitchens which adjoin the garden and often, the garden is visible from the kitchen by the window. Look for colours on flowers you’ve planted; is there one in particular that you love? You could use that petal’s colour as your kitchen’s accent colour – providing you with design continuation and a pleasant colour scheme inspired by nature.

Focal Point Furniture

If you’ve seen a kitchen table and chair set which you simply have to have, you can work your colour scheme around that. Choosing a focal point can actually help you to develop a tailored colour scheme for your kitchen, based on your favourite furniture piece. This is sometimes a better way of designing your kitchen, if you choose the colour scheme before finding furniture you may struggle to find that ultimate focal point that you’re entirely happy with.

Choosing the colour scheme for your kitchen is something which requires thought and can often be a case of trial and error. When painting walls always bring sample pots home and use them in different lights in your kitchen to see whether they suit the furniture. Once you have a colour scheme for your walls and flooring you need to choose a colour for appliances and kitchen taps etc. Currently, chrome taps accompanied with black kitchen appliances are a popular choice for the modern kitchen. Choosing the right colour scheme can help you to achieve that dream kitchen which you’ve always desired.