How Would You Like To Start A Home Show Business?

Of course there are many different “jobs” you can do at home but one of the most popular things to do is something called a Home Show. These shows allow you to sell different products such as kitchenware, chef ware, candles, herbs, sauces, food, wine, etc. You can either sell them online with a website, or you can go to people’s homes and do a show. These people will hire you on as a representative of whatever it is your selling. You take all your products to the people’s houses and the person invites friends and family members to buy your products. A lot of the times these businesses allow you to “try” the products as a seller. You will receive a package that has things you can try and things you can sell. My mom did one of these one time, where she sold herbs and sauces and stuff like that. The company sent her herbs and things she could try on her own to familiarize herself with the products, as well as things she could sell. These aren’t like the Tupperware parties your mom used to have! Here is a list of a few you can check into.

Wild Tree Herbs –
Gourmet culinary blends, infused oils, grapeseed oils, dressings and sauces
These products are not only meant to be convenient but tasty and healthy, they don’t include things like preservatives
Host a party, career ops, culinary clubs, recipes, and products can be found on their site

PartyLite –
Candle products and spa treatments
The candles come in all sorts of fragrances, colors, shapes, sizes, prices and more
Host a party, career ops, and products are available on the site

Pampered Chef –
One of my favorite! This site offers kitchenware, bake ware, cookware, and much more
You can find gift certificates, recipes, products, and career ops on the site

Traveling Vineyard –
This site offers champagne, all sorts of wines from different parts of the world, and wine accessories
They have career ops, passport wine club, accessories, host tastings and much more on the site!

Of course there are thousands more just like the ones above, including Home Decor, Books, Entertainment, Electronics, Shoes, etc. All you have to do is find Home Shows online or find a Home Show Directory. These directories are nice because you can take a look at different categories you might be interested in selling products for. Usually they also have a comparison of what different sites offer, different pay rates, percentages for profits and much more. Yes, these businesses are “bought” into. Usually for a few hundred dollars you can get everything you could ever possibly need to start selling the products. And what’s better, you can do this when you want. If you want to do 7 parties a week or 2 parties a day every week, you can. Your success depends wholly on you. You are your own boss. No one looking over your shoulder, no one telling you how to do things. It’s all you!