Metal Garden Art For Your 4 Season Garden

No yard is complete without at least one piece of terrific metal yard decor. The most uncompromising gardening purists have been seen to softly sneak a piece or two into their garden. Due to the number of artists working in the field and the selection of materials to choose from, your choices are limitless. No matter what your taste, you’ll find at least one piece of metal garden art to provide year round color and character to your garden.

Steel is easily the most popular material used in metal garden art because itis affordable, versatile and simple to use. It is used to make garden stakes, garden sculptures, wall art and metal garden decor like lanterns, bird feeders and wind spinners. Steel can be used in its natural state, varnished, painted or left to rust. Some artists even blend rusted metal with treated metal for pieces with a very unusual look. For bigger more sophisticated pieces, erosion resistant stainless steel is used to produce stunning, architectural pieces.

Some of the most creative, fun and whimsical works of metal yard decor I’ve seen are made from recycled metal. Recycled steel oil tanks or drums, scrap bicycle or trikes, nuts and bolts and broke tools, these all provide the raw materials for the imaginative metal artist. A rusted oil drum is reborn as a happy pig, while a broken rake becomes a bird.

Copper is also popular in metal yard decor because it is attractive, durable and adds class to any yard. If allowed to oxidize it will age gracefully into a natural green patina. It can also be preserved with a clear finish to preserve its bright, shiny look. Copper statues, garden stakes and wall art bring a touch of class to any decor.

For the traditional look add a bronze garden sculpture. Bronze statues have been about for thousands of years and have been built in recognition of leaders, fallen heroes and even saints. Today they include more playful subjects like children with their pets. Bronze statues remain popular today because they’re classic, timeless and will last for generations.

Metal yard art adds beauty, charm and whimsy to any garden. Whatever your preference classic, contemporary or merely playful, metal yard decor will warm your heart even on the coldest wintertime day.