Residential Interior Decoration Turn Your House into a Home

Interior design and decoration is all about maximizing the available space and infusing your own personality into your living space. Having a professional designer or decorator by your side is the best way to make sure that you have the right furniture, are working in the right color palette, and have everything you need–from the main furnishings to accent decors and lighting. Working with a professional lets you transform a bland, impersonal space into a beautiful home that you can truly call your own. Here are some interior design tips and ideas to bring with you on your initial consultation with your interior decorator. Be sure to listen to their inputs, but never compromise your own style for their creative freedom. Always make sure to meet your designer in the middle to get the best design possible for your home:

* Open up the space – Open designs are becoming more and more popular these days, thanks to their many practical benefits. An open floor plan allows more natural lighting to enter into the space, while providing you with lots of opportunities (and space) to customize using a wide selection of furnishings. Open spaces are much easier to portion out. By strategically placing furniture, such as a section couch, you can create faux barriers and even turn wasted corners into a very useful nook for reading or for hanging out.

* Play with lighting – One of the keys to creating a good room ambiance is lighting. Installing multiple windows allow you to create spaces for natural sunlight to pour in, while artificial light sources and dimmers can help you do the job at night. Reflective surfaces that diffuse sunlight should be abundant when using natural light, but you may also use shutters, blinds, and similar tools to restrict or control the light that goes in as you please.

* Fiddle with color swatches – Gone are the days when homes are a drab combination of pale colors like white and beige. Paint color is one of the most exciting ways to personalize spaces, and certain hues and shades help disperse light effectively. This is where your interior designer can truly help, especially when you want to make the space look bigger or smaller, more inviting, or suitable for work or play.

* Add art – Incorporating art is a simple way to customize your space instantly. Find artwork that evoke emotions you may want to feel or may want your guests to feel in different areas of your home.

Browse the net to find the more tips and search the residential interior decorators to turn your dream into reality.